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Three first responders have been fired for their reactions to Tire Nichols after he was beaten by police.

The Memphis Fire Department said it fired two emergency medical technicians and an emergency vehicle driver after an investigation found they failed to provide adequate medical care.

On Jan. 7 in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Nichols was pulled over on suspicion of reckless driving and was left in critical condition by several officers who punched, kicked and beat him with batons.

The 29-year-old succumbed to his injuries three days later.

In a statement, the fire service said Robert Long and Jamichael Sandridge failed to perform an “adequate patient assessment” of Mr Nichols.

It added that the couple, who, along with Lt. Michelle Whitaker, drove two paramedics to the scene and remained in her car upon arrival, were fired for violating department policy.

Five black police officers were fired over Mr Nichols’ death and charged with second-degree murder and other offences.

The five officers chatted for a few minutes while the father of one child remained on the ground, but there were other authorities at the scene.

From left: Robert Long, Michelle Whitaker and Jamichael Sandridge.Photo: Memphis Fire Department
From left: Robert Long, Michelle Whitaker and Jamichael Sandridge.Photo: Memphis Fire Department

In body camera footage released by Memphis police, Mr Nichols repeatedly screamed “Mum, Mummy” as he was beaten. Video shows police beating Mr Nichols with a stun gun, batons and fists.

In body camera footage that initially lingered, white police officer Preston Hemphill was heard saying he hit Mr Nichols with a Muay Thai punch and declared: “I want them to step on his ass.”

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‘I didn’t do anything’, pleads Tire Nichols

While police initially said Mr Nichols had been pulled over for reckless driving, they later said a review of the incident could not “substantiate” the reckless driving claims.

Mr Nichols’ death sparked outrage over police brutality in the US, with protests in many cities.

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The five sacked officers and Hemphill, who was sacked after Mr Nichols’ arrest, were part of the so-called Scorpion Unit, which targets violent criminals in high-crime areas.

The special police force was permanently disbanded on Saturday after Mr Nichols was killed.

Police said no criminal charges have been filed against Officer Hemphill, who was suspended with pay during the hearing.

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