The latest football helmet tech comes to the battlefield

What Makes the Helmet Different? The scanning application captures a 3D (3D) image of the athlete’s head to customize the helmet’s internal padding system for a personalized fit. Players say the inner padding is designed to reduce the impact of helmet-to-helmet contact and feels similar to memory foam.

On the outside, the helmet’s outer shell has multiple flexible panels that reduce the impact on a crash. It also features smart sensing technology that analyzes the impact on the player’s head and tracks the data in real time. No local team has activated the feature yet, but it is planned for the near future.

Seton Catholic coach Dennis Herring keeps a close eye on the latest in football safety and goes to great lengths to provide his players with the best equipment. Not just because of his title as head coach, but also because of Herring’s personal experience as a man with a record seven concussions.

This offseason, Herling informed players’ families that they have the option of purchasing an Axiom helmet or sticking with the program’s current model. About 25 percent of the program’s players wear Axioms.

price tag? About $700, but they’re worth the money, Herling said.

“I’m in a place like this right now, and you can’t do anything for me to stop it right now,” the coach said. “That ship has sailed, but all I can do is help stop it to the best of my ability as a coach. . …that could really be a game changer and reduce the number of concussions.”

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