Ten business leaders reflect on 2022 and how they’re preparing for the new year

As 2022 draws to a close, amid the holidays, parties, and “Auld Lang Syne,” I asked ten business leaders to reflect on the year and share things they’ll double down on in the new year. Here’s what they say.

Focus on your “why?” and “what?”

“With admiration for the late Charlie ‘Super’ Jones, and a little atomic habit Authors James Clear and others who remind us that each of us will be who we are five years from now, but what matters to the people we meet, the books we read (or listen to), the webinars we attend – Seminars – Courses, and RJ Kelly, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. in San Diego, California.

“If legendary speaker, author, and coach Brian Tracy is right ‘for every minute you spend planning, you save ten minutes executing’, by focusing our efforts on our The most important goal? Quoting Ken Blanchard again, clarifying my “Why? ” and “What? ’ Goal, ‘How? ” will fall into place.

“Every year we set specific written goals and review them almost daily. The final goal list is broken into 90-day “sprints” of no more than 7-10 goals throughout the year, with 2-3 90-day sprints indivual.

“This planning process includes, but is not limited to, identifying the meetings we will attend and speak at, where we can update and add new” skills on tax, estate, investment, insurance, regulatory, family estate, and philanthropic issues; select us to leave Office days and significant travel adventures; surveying specific customers to gauge expectations and determine their needs; and identifying and growing separate but mutually supportive product/service lines. “

ready and able to turn on a dime

“2022 is the year the housing market meets the needs of all investors,” said Alvorson, owner of private lender Breclaw Capital.

“The irony is that with 16 million vacant homes in the U.S., we still have a housing shortage. 2022 is an exciting year for real estate investors. So must the strategy. Early 2022 is a seller’s market. Interest rates are low, home prices are rising, and buyers are plentiful. Now, the dynamics have changed dramatically. It’s a buyer’s market, and my investors still love it.

“Cash flow is king in today’s market. If your investment is intended to flip, you may have to be prepared to become a landlord. As a private lender, this market forces you to be more involved in educating your clients about their investment After the property is repaired, customers may come back and apply for long-term loans. In 2023, we at Breclaw Capital are improving our loan products to prepare for more cash flow investors. However, we believe that there will be a slight pick-up in new construction because after all We still have a housing shortage.”

Systematize and automate your processes with technology

“Since the pandemic, the world has moved from physical meetings to online meetings. Our office is fortunate to be able to serve clients in-office and/or online,” said Darlena Tran, co-founder of In Good Hands Services. By doing so, we not only meet our client’s expectations, but are able to tailor our services to our client’s needs. Our ability to adapt to new norms drives our business growth in 2022. “

“The three main factors that contributed to our seamless transformation in the post-pandemic region were integrating digital transformation by allowing technology to automate processes, focusing on productivity by allowing our teams to work remotely, and providing a personalized experience for our customers. We do not expect a reduction in 2023. We will continue to use technology to systematize and automate our processes and invest more to show our appreciation to our customers.”

optimize, optimize, optimize

“As an entrepreneur running multiple businesses, I find that in the post-pandemic world of 2022, I must deploy greater speed and accuracy into my processes,” said Christian pastor and change leader Maggie Bellevue .

“Agility, optimal use of technology, strong social media presence and interaction, and inter-enterprise collaboration are all rapidly becoming the hallmarks of my business in 2022. I intend to solidify these strategies in 2023 and hope they will serve my expansion well. Ready to move into several other conglomerates by the end of 2023.”

Opportunity to thrive on change, challenge to build resilience, and don’t be afraid to ask for help

“Amelia Island Microgreens are still plagued by supply chain issues through 2022, leaving little to no inventory necessary to produce the popular ‘Ready, Set, Grow!’ microgreen kits to meet consumer demand,” said Connor Hiebel, 17 said, founder and owner of Amelia Island Microgreens. “We went from being on the brink of disaster to creating something different and better by collaborating with others in our field, never giving up our passion to help people get food secure, and Flexible enough to change our kit to suit current circumstances.

“We learned that asking for help is a sign of strength, that opportunity thrives on change, and that challenge builds resilience. These lessons have taken Amelia Island Microgreens from near collapse to their strongest year yet.

“We believe everyone deserves access to clean, nutritious and affordable food. To support even more people in 2023, we are increasing free educational opportunities and resources across multiple virtual platforms. Additionally, with support from the FedEx Entrepreneur Fund, We are expanding our product line and creating more environmentally friendly packaging.”

Be a High-Performance Leader Not a “Best Kept Secret”

“As entrepreneurs, we need to stop being the ‘kept secret’ and start becoming high-performing leaders who attract the right clients and partners with great synergy,” said Dr. Emily Letran, serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple dental practices, and high performance coach.

“‘Everywhere.'” Over the past year, I’ve been able to stand out from the social media din through speaking engagements, book campaigns, magazine covers, and partnerships with multiple organizations.

“I believe we all need to present ourselves more consistently and strategically in the coming year, both online and offline. Research and understand your audience. Underpromise and overdeliver. Leverage other people’s audiences to help you in a shorter period of time.” Build authority in no time and deliver tremendous value. Make 2023 your year to create and share your expertise. Consciously leverage social capital to become an authority in your community and accelerate your business success.”

Social media is still the dominant force

“I decided to ride the wave of economic uncertainty and use it to grow my business by over 30% in 2022,” says serial entrepreneur Adam Marburger. I go the extra mile on my social media platforms, relentlessly sharing relevant content and engaging my fans. I then use that engagement to convert inbound leads into sales.

“The resolution for the new year is to do more on social platforms. I encourage all business owners to embrace social media and create a social culture within their organisation. It will pay off handsomely.”

Overcome the illusion of limited resources

“Almost all stress, setbacks and bottlenecks in business can be traced to a lack of certain assets,” says M&A expert and founder Michael Wildeveld. To combat this, focus on creating tangible and intangible assets that allow you to achieve greater scale with greater efficiency.

“In 2023, we will continue to formalize a plan that will enable us and others to leverage each other’s assets through educational videos, online assessments, customer learning platforms, and strategic partnerships. Although they are best-in-class outside of their core products, they can leverage their core competencies through partnerships to create greater value for all and benefit customers the most.”

Prioritizing customer success leads to business success

“One of the things that’s working well for our business in 2022 is our focused focus on customer success,” said Jeff Lopez, practice growth specialist at Contour Light. “We make sure to listen to their needs and concerns and work closely with them to help them achieve their goals. This approach helps to build strong relationships with our clients and contributes to our overall success.

“As we look to 2023, we will continue to put our customers’ success first and focus on expanding our services and products to better meet their needs.

“We believe that by continuing to put our customers first, we can position ourselves for continued success in the coming year.”

Focus on building and maintaining relationships

“The biggest takeaway I’ve taken from this past year is how important it is to focus on building and maintaining relationships in business (and life),” says Catherine Hall, mentor coach, software developer, and founder of the National FHA Association Advisor.

“In my residential real estate industry, I’ve seen many professionals abandon good marketing and sales best practices in favor of ‘quick deals’.

“As someone who has chosen a career as a Residential Rehabilitation Consultant, I always experience a cooldown when the market ‘heats up,'” This year I have been working hard to instill in the members of the National FHA Counselors Association the importance of fundamental values ​​– the fundamentals of business growth The Basics – Consistently building relationships and creating real value for your customers.

“With changing markets and a general real estate industry slowdown expected in 2023, these proven experiences in building and maintaining relationships with prospects and clients will become even more important. My goal for 2023 is to help as many real estate industry professionals as possible Accept and really enjoy the assignments and rewards of those who are committed to making it a win-win.”

In short, these leaders suggest that the best way to approach 2023 is to have a vision of where you want to be, to schedule the most important things first, and to stay focused on your vision even in the face of setbacks , overdeliver for your customers, invest in building and maintaining relationships both online and offline, and don’t shy away from being your best and loudest advocate.

Then leverage, leverage, leverage. Turn your relationships into win-win opportunities, obstacles into new and greater opportunities, and leverage what works through systemization, automation, and optimization.

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