Supporters express ‘proud’ at Charlotte FC, bringing Hispanic community together

Charlotte had previously had a taste for Hispanic football fans at the occasional exhibition game hosted by the city, but the arrival of the MLS team brought those fans together on a consistent basis, and that all changed It’s different. Having a local top league team gives the Hispanic community a greater platform to express and share their love of the game.

“Charlotte FC really provides a representation opportunity for all those who really want to build a football culture in our city,” Carrasco said. “So this platform is really our organization’s ability to bring the Hispanic community together and be able to connect with A way for all of Charlotte to share our passion for the sport.”

Having a local MLS team has created an emotional bond with the city and the Carolinas that may not have been as strong before. Now, many Hispanics who support the royal family have a growing sense of regional pride.

“With Charlotte FC, it’s different,” Cortez said. “If I’d been proud before, I’d be even more proud to be a part of Carolina because it’s incredible.”

Outside of Major League Soccer, everyone still has teams they support abroad, but in Carolina, Hispanics are united by their shared support of the CLTFC. While previously rival fans like Mexican club Americas and Cruz Azul struggled to bond in football, they have now found common ground in supporting local teams.

“It’s great, it definitely brings more of us together, more friends and people we don’t know. Just cheering for the same cause is great,” Carolina, a supporter group in Lexington, NC said Patrick Aquinho, one of the founders of Hooliganz. “It’s because we all love the same sport. So, now that we’re cheering for the same team, it’s an amazing feeling.”

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