Stanley business rebuilding after being destroyed in a tornado a year ago

Stanley, Wisconsin (WEAU) – A Stanley business is working to reopen after one of the businesses destroyed in the 2021 tornado that swept through Stanley.

Todd and Misty Wundrow, who own Wundrow’s Auto Repair Shop, were actually at home when a tornado hit their business Thursday a year ago.

Other businesses and homes in the small city were also destroyed or severely affected by the tornado.

The Wundrows got a call saying the roof had come off their business. Hoping this wasn’t true, they went to investigate the damage and found out the business was completely lost.

Over the course of the year they rebuilt the business and now a year later they are ready to reopen the store.

During that journey, the Wundrows say they found a silver lining.

“Things are looking up, our building is back and we’re about to open,” Todd said

“We’re glad we’re not in the area, but we’re still affected. It’s been difficult and challenging,” Misty said

“You know, if you want it, it’ll come back. Whatever you lost, you’ll get it back,” Todd said.

“This community has been very supportive and we can’t thank you enough for that. Just looking forward to continuing what we’ve been doing in the decade leading up to the tornado,” Misty said.

They say they are getting a lot of calls about when they will reopen their auto repair shop and they want everyone to know that they will be reopening shortly after some technical issues are resolved.

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