Selling Vermont Cannabis: Retail Adult-Use Cannabis Begins

Brian Maynard didn’t wait for the Sun to tell him what time to get up Saturday. At 6:30 a.m., the Burlington resident lined up outside the Ceres Collaborative store on College Street to be the store’s first customer on the first day of retail sales of adult-use marijuana in Vermont.

“Things are changing, things are good. The time has come,” said Maynard, about the first 15 minutes after the store let its first six customers, including Maynard, stroll through the store after about 10 a.m. Saturday. “It’s nice to go to the local market instead of the back alley.”

Vermont has a tradition of being tolerant of marijuana use, and many weed consumers already have local dealers or grow their own potted plants, especially since the state allowed limited cultivation and possession of marijuana in 2018. But consumers were still ready to buy retail weed For the first time, a line of several hundred people stretched from a corner storefront down an alley to The Daily Planet restaurant on Center Street.

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