School boss quits after 8-year-old boy finds his gun unattended in bathroom | US News

A school principal has resigned after an eight-year-old found his gun unattended in the bathroom.

The gun was found at Nova Elementary School in Texas – and many parents were outraged that they weren’t told about it when it happened.

The boy told his teacher about the gun, prompting the teacher to send him and another student “to determine what he found”.

After confirming it was a weapon, they went straight to the superintendent’s office.

Robbie Sturtwell has now confirmed he will resign and has also “conversed” with the teacher after the incident, officials said.

Mr Stuteville said he left the gun in the stall while using the toilet and left it unattended for about 15 minutes.

His successor, Monty Jones, said: “He took great pride in his work, it was an accident and he was very saddened by it.”

Mr. Jones explained that he and Mr. Stuteville carried weapons on campus because of school shootings across the United States.

He added that parents and staff were aware they were carrying firearms, and they all had a week-long training on how to use them and how to de-escalate situations.

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