Russia-Ukraine War Update: What We Know About Day 210 of the Invasion | Ukraine

  • Vladimir Putin delivered a national address announcing the partial mobilization of troops in Russia. He said the army faced military operations in the collective west of Ukraine on a front line of more than 1,000 kilometers. Those in the military reserve will be called up.

  • Putin also said that Russia would fully support the referendums to join the Russian Federation announced this weekend in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye. He accused the West of waging war against Russia in Ukraine in 2014. “In its aggressive anti-Russian policy, the West has crossed all boundaries,” the Russian president said. He accused the West of planning to destroy Russia and using nuclear blackmail.

  • Putin said he would use “every means at our disposal” and those who tried to use nuclear blackmail against Russia would find that the tide might be against them. He made it clear “I’m not bluffing”.

  • Acting Russian authorities in the four occupied regions of Ukraine – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye – announced Tuesday that they intend to hold a meeting to join the Russian Federation between September 23 and 27 the referendum, The move could sharply escalate the war.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address released earlier on Wednesday On the referendum: “Our position will not change based on this noise or any other announcement”. Kyiv said the “fake” referendum was meaningless and vowed to “eliminate” the threat posed by Russia, saying its troops would continue to retake territory no matter what Moscow or its proxies announced. Zelensky will address the UN General Assembly via video link on Wednesday.

  • White House rejects Russia’s plan to hold a referendum It added that Moscow may be making moves to recruit troops in these areas after suffering heavy losses on the battlefield. President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, called the referendum an affront to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  • multiple world leaders have said they will not recognize any referendum or new annexation of Ukrainian territoryFrench President Emmanuel Macron called the plan a “parody”.

  • Ukrainian publication quoted a spokesman for the Ukrainian president’s office as saying on Tuesday that any referendum on joining Russia in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory would undermine any remaining negotiating window between Kyiv and Moscow. “Without the referendum, the chances of a diplomatic solution remain slim. After the referendum – no,” quoted Serhiy Nykyforov as saying.

  • Earlier this week, Putin denounced what he said were U.S. efforts to maintain its global dominance, saying they were doomed. “The objective development towards a multipolar world faces resistance from those trying to maintain hegemony in global affairs and control everything – Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa,” Putin said in accepting credentials from foreign ambassadors in Moscow.

  • Germany’s gas storage facilities are currently just over 90 percent capacity, said German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, who said Germany is now “very likely” to get through the winter. Germany has achieved ahead of schedule its goal of filling underground stores with 95 percent full capacity by early November.

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said late on Tuesday that its operations near the towns of Bakhmut and Avdivka in Donetsk causing “significant losses” to Russia. But the General Staff said Russia shelled those towns and dozens in northeastern and southern Ukraine.

  • U.S. senators proposed on Tuesday that the Biden administration would impose secondary sanctions on international banks to strengthen the price caps G7 countries plan to impose on Russian oil. Democratic Senators Chris Van Hollen and Republican Senators Pat Toomey announced a legislative framework to implement secondary sanctions that would target brokerage businesses involved in trade finance, insurance, reinsurance and sales of Russian oil and petroleum products at prices above caps financial institutions.

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