Revered and reviled Pelosi resigns as speaker, but her influence lives on | US News

It’s a political drama that matches the moment, and when she leaves center stage, the House loves its speaker and political icon.

nancy pelosi Dressed in white feminists for the big announcement, the occasion was filled with laughter, tears and a standing ovation, and it felt like saying goodbye to an era.

exist quit leadershipthe legacy of the first-ever female speaker reflects one of America’s sharpest political figures.

President Biden called her “the most important Speaker of the House in our history.”

He has reason to be grateful — Mrs. Pelosi’s political acumen and her stewardship of disparate groups of House Democrats have been central to his administration’s achievements, as has the Obama administration.

The 82-year-old mother of five, self-styled “housewife-to-House speaker,” didn’t quite leave the scene.

She will remain in Congress because there is no doubt that she will influence the reshuffled Democrats.

Her popularity and political activism extended to the international stage, where she angered the Chinese in 1991 when she unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square honoring demonstrators who had lost their lives.

Besides, in August this year, when she went to Taiwan.

As one of America’s most recognizable politicians, she is revered on one side of a toxic divide – reviled on the other.

She became the focus of her opponent’s attacks, and shockingly, An intruder attacked her husband They were seen at their San Francisco home in October after asking, “Where’s Nancy?”

It carries sinister echoes of the thugs who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and searched offices and corridors looking for her.

If the politics of the office told her it was time to quit, then—maybe—so did the baggage that came with it.

Donald Trump has expressed abuse against Mrs Pelosi throughout his presidency and continues to this day.

In her House proclamation, he was not explicitly mentioned by name.

She spoke warmly of Bush, Obama and Biden as she chatted with the roster of presidents about their jobs and accomplishments. Of course, there’s no mention of her nemesis.

Politicians take a step back, not politics.

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