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Senior – Police responded on Thursday, October 10. On June 6, travel to the area near the Mariner Business Center to report a person with a gun and threatening violence.

Assistant Police Commissioner John Keel told The Telegraph: “We received a call possibly from an armed man threatening violence near the Mariner Mall. We notified the area including Enbridge, the Challenge Centre and the Great Lakes (primary) What happened to the business.” on. “

Kiel said he was unaware of the school’s actions and had not issued a lockdown order.

District officials implemented additional safety measures at Northern Lights Elementary, Great Lakes Elementary and Senior High. District administrator Amy Starzecki said in an email to the family that the school was placed in administrative custody around 1 p.m. after the police department briefed officers.

“I want to make it clear that there is no danger to either school,” Stazeki wrote.

Senior law enforcement officers meet on a side road near the corner of Raspberry Avenue and Vogel Street

Senior police met on a side road near the corner of Raspberry Avenue and Vogel Street on the afternoon of Thursday, October 10, after arresting a person believed to be armed and threatening violence near the Sailors Commercial Center. 6.

Jed Carlson/Senior Telegraph

A 33-year-old man was detained after threatening to armed into a local daycare center and retrieve his child, according to a press release from the Senior Police Department.

About 1 p.m. Thursday, an adult woman approached officers who walked into the station to report that she had received a phone communication about the father of her child. The messages included a photo of him sitting in an unnamed residence holding a rifle and a statement that he was going to pick up their children from a daycare center located in Mariners Mall. The man also said he would engage in a shootout with responders if they intervened.

Plainclothes senior officers and a deputy in the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded immediately and secured the day care center and surrounding area as uniformed officers formed a circle and began searching for the suspect.

The nearby Great Lakes Elementary School was notified and a senior police school resource officer assisted in securing the school.

Officials received information that the man may be walking on a trail near the day care center. Police found the man and he was taken into custody. He was without a gun when he was arrested.

The gun in the photo was later found in a residence.

The charges will be forwarded to the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office, according to police.

During administrative detention, the perimeter of the school building was locked down and all students and staff were required to remain inside the building, she said.

Assistant Police Chief John Keel said he was unaware of the school’s actions.

“We received a call from a possibly armed man near Mariner Mall who threatened violence,” Keel said. “We notified area businesses, including Ambridge, the Challenge Center and the Great Lakes (elementary) of what was going on. matter.”

Mayor Jim Paine said in a Facebook post that police were on the scene and securing the mall and daycare.

“No one was injured,” the mayor wrote. “The suspects have been taken into custody. Parents can pick up their children on the north side of the building if they wish, but again, they are safe.

Senior high school principal Aaron Fezzey posted on Facebook that he was released from custody around 2.10pm after the senior police department notified him that the unsafe situation had been resolved.

“I appreciate how quickly our staff moved to comply with our building safety protocols and thank the Senior Police Department for keeping our school safe,” Fezzey wrote.

“None of our institutions of higher learning have been threatened, and the safety of any student or staff has not been threatened,” Starzecki said.

This story was updated on Thursday, October 10 at 4:40 pm. 6 Provide additional information about the event. It was originally posted on October 4th at 4:20pm. 6.

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