North Texas businesses face pipe bursts due to cold weather – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Two popular barbecue spots in North Texas are being cleaned up after pipes burst due to the weekend’s frigid weather.

“Having something like this happen does impact our planning and our dinner service,” said Brandon Hurtado, CEO and owner of Hurtado’s Barbecue.

During lunch at Hurtado’s Barbecue in Little Elm on Friday, chefs were preparing some meat and storing paper products as the restaurant’s prep room ceiling collapsed. Customers were forced to evacuate as water rushed into the restaurant.

There were no reports of injuries and no damage to the restaurant’s kitchen. Management stated that they did have to throw meat and paper products from the prep room. Crews have been cleaning for days on end since then. Tomorrow, the restaurant will reopen for dinner.

“As a business owner, it’s absolutely frustrating. I mean in the restaurant industry, we have Covid, we have rising meat prices, you have all these different hurdles to overcome, and then you have this. So, Hurtado said There is one more hurdle to overcome.

At Heim’s Barbecue in Dallas, an early-morning employee walked into the smoking room and heard a pop, followed by a pipe in the restaurant popping. Travis Heim, co-owner of Heim’s Barbeque, said he appreciates the early arrival of staff.

“We close at 3pm on Christmas Eve and obviously we close on Christmas Day, so if this happened five or six hours later it could flood the restaurant and it would be a real big problem. So we Thankful for this to happen,” Heim said.

That employee ran to cut off the water, preventing further damage. It has been cleaned up and Heim’s is now open for business.

The restaurant plans to replace the pipes soon.

“We fixed it today,” Heim added, “and we’re open for business.”

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