MSU shoots latest

A day after a mass shooting on the Michigan State University campus, authorities are investigating the motive for the rampage that killed three students and injured five others Monday night.

The shooter, who had no known connection to the East Lansing, Mich., campus, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police.

If you’re just catching up now, here’s what you should know:

victim: Brian Fraser and Ariel Anderson of Gross Point, Mich., and Alexander Furner of Claussen, Mich., were killed in Monday night’s mass shooting, according to a news release from Michigan State University Police. Billy Shellenbarger, the superintendent of Clausen Public Schools, remembers Verner because she was kind, positive and “everything you want your daughter or friend to be.”

MSU responded: The first report of the shooting came at 8:18 p.m. ET from Berkey Hall, an academic building on the north end of campus. MSU interim Deputy Police Chief Chris Rozman said officers responded to the building within minutes and found several shooting victims, two of whom were dead. Immediately afterwards, another shooting was reported at a nearby student union building, he said. This is where the third victim was found. As news of the mass shooting spread, there was anxiety on campus as the shooter remained at large. Michigan State University interim president Teresa Woodruff said the shelter-in-place order was in effect.

Thrilling scene: The deadly rampage forced students to jump out of windows for their lives. Graham Diedrich, a graduate student at Michigan State University, recalled being in the library during the rampage and using furniture to block himself in a room with other students. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her children, who were students at Michigan State University, were “in shock” after the shooting.

Gunner: Authorities are still trying to figure out what prompted Anthony Dwayne McRae, 43, to carry out the shooting. According to sources familiar with the investigation, McCray had a two-page note in his backpack that referred to other shootings. His father, Michael McRae, told CNN his son became distressed, isolated and “wickedly angry” after his mother died of a stroke two years ago. The shooter’s sister told CNN her brother was socially isolated. McRae also has a history of gun crimes, and police say he has “a history of mental health issues.”

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