Mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs

Several victims of the Club Q shooting are in critical condition and are being treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit, officials with Penrose Hospital and UCHealth Memorial Hospital System told reporters Sunday.

Penrose Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bill Prowse said seven victims were taken to his hospital, two of whom remain in intensive care. Intensive care meant the injuries were life-threatening, he added.

“Another five patients suffered mainly extremity injuries, two of whom have been treated and returned to the community,” he said. “Others who have been admitted to the hospital are still receiving treatment.”

Dr. David Steinbruner of the UCHealth Memorial Hospital system said his medical center has received a total of 10 patients.

“Trauma teams at both hospitals were quickly activated and responded, the emergency department responded and we were able to deal with this very quickly and take care of the patient as best we could,” he said.

“We also have critically ill patients,” Steinbruner said. “Several people are being treated in our intensive care unit.”

The injured victims were transferred to three different hospitals, according to Fire Chief Randy Royal.

Centura Penrose Hospital received seven patients, UCHealth Memorial Hospital Center received 10 patients and UCHhealth Memorial Hospital North received two patients, Royal said.

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