Man claims Lexington store sold him delta-8 instead of CBD, causing him to crash into bus

Lexington, Kentucky (WKYT) — A man is now suing a CBD seller after he crashed into a Lextran bus in July.

Roy Howard was smoking a Hemp XR, claiming employees there sold him a delta-8 e-cigarette without telling him what it was, causing him to crash into a Lextran bus.

Howard went to Hemp XR to find CBD oil to help him with everyday anxiety, the lawsuit says. He said Hemp XR employees gave him a delta-8 e-cigarette pen and threw away any packaging that contained warnings about using the product.

Howard told employees that he didn’t want something to get him excited and that he planned to use it on the drive home. He said employees assured him it would not.

Howard crashed into a Lextran bus and was injured.

The Herald Leader reported that Hemp XR responded to the lawsuit, saying the store had video evidence showing Howard picking up an e-cigarette labeled delta-8 and leaving the store with the packaging and warning intact.

The company also said that their employees did tell Howard not to drive while vaping, and there was a warning written on the packaging.

Howard’s civil lawsuit alleges he was negligent, failed to warn, violated Kentucky’s Consumer Protection Act, and claims the store’s workers should have a medical license to sell him something to treat anxiety.

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