Lynnwood businesses affected by icy roads

One business owner said the situation was so bad she had to cancel half of her business’s scheduled deliveries on Wednesday and planned to do the same on Thursday.

Lynnwood, Washington. — It’s the official start of winter, with much of western Washington covered in snow and temperatures expected to plummet well below freezing Wednesday night, taking a toll on the Lynwood staple.

On Wednesday the phone kept ringing, all because of something going on outside.

“We absolutely can’t walk around when the streets are icy,” said Luzia Tibig, manager of Lynnwood Stadium Flowers off Highway 99. “We’ve been here for over 45 years; This is the worst ever.”

She said the situation was so bad she decided to cancel about half of the company’s scheduled deliveries on Wednesday and planned to do the same on Thursday.

“I’d say about 300 today is ideal, we’re doing about 150 before the holidays a few days ago,” Tibig said.

Major roads in Lynnwood were dealt with early on Wednesday afternoon, but roads in some residential areas looked dangerous. But those circumstances didn’t stop one longtime customer from showing up, Ed Schweihs, to Stadium Flowers to do something special for his wife who tragically passed away six months ago.

“I would go there for two hours a day and sit and walk with her, because we used to go for walks together,” Schweihs said. “So, I would come here up to 10 days a week to get a new beautiful flower arrangement.”

But he decided to delay taking the flower arrangement to his wife’s grave because of the cold weather.

But for Schwess, it’s all worth it. “We all have people we love, family, friends, whatever, but we also have people we absolutely live for, and she’s the one I live for,” Schweiss said.

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