Lexington natives experience Hurricane Ian in South Carolina

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Mike Davis is a Lexington native. He recently moved to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a short drive from Palm Island.

“We almost finished the year and it was an experience, but it was beautiful and we loved it. I think we got our dream and escaped to the beach,” Davis said.

When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Davis said he watched nervously as the storm’s path changed.

“We didn’t know if it was coming our way, and it was at one particular moment. Now this is my first hurricane experience, so it’s brand new to me,” Davis said.

Davis described watching his first hurricane as a strange experience.

“It’s all going on. The wind is passing. The wind is going one way and you can see the rain. You see the clouds turn,” Davis said.

What’s really strange, however, is what happens after the storm, he said.

“About 4:30, it stopped. It was weird and peaceful. You could start seeing people coming out of their houses and neighborhoods and looking up and down the street,” Davis said.

Davis said he didn’t see much damage to his community, but he did see a lot of neighbors helping each other after the storm.

“It was amazing how everyone got together and made sure everyone was okay. It was nice that everyone was going from house to house checking everyone. It was neat,” Davis said.

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