Lexington man charged with shooting mother twice while waiting to recover

LEXINGTON — A Lexington man who said he heard a “voice in his head” before shooting his mother twice is currently on the DHHS capacity recovery waiting list.

Tyson Garcia, 22, was charged with assault in the first degree, felony in the second degree and felony with a firearm, felony in the first degree.

Garcia’s attorney, public defender Kenneth Harbison, has applied for a psychological and competency evaluation, which was approved.

According to court documents, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services believes Garcia is currently incapable of standing trial due to his mental condition, but that he could become capable through treatment in the future.

A hearing was held on Monday, September 9. 27 In Dawson County District Court. Judge James Doyle told Garcia that he would be in the custody of DHHS for treatment at the Lincoln Regional Center.

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However, Garcia is still on Lincoln’s waiting list for treatment due to the heavy case. Judge Doyle said he would contact DHHS and ask if anyone could be sent to the Dawson County Jail to at least begin the treatment process.

Garcia’s lawyers asked for a reduction in bail, which Judge Doyle denied.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Route 434 on March 7, according to court documents. Garcia told the dispatcher that he allegedly shot his mother after “hearing the voice in his head.”

Garcia was waiting on the front porch when law enforcement arrived, and he was taken into custody. The adjutant entered the mansion and saw a bloodstain at the entrance. The mother found it, who said she had been paying taxes when Garcia shot twice.

She was taken to Lexington Regional Health Center. Her condition was not released.

Garcia was then booked into the Dawson County Jail.

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