Lexington hosts electric vehicle showcase during National Electric Vehicle Week

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) — This week is National Electric Vehicle Week, and EV enthusiasts are teaming up to show their communities the benefits of electric vehicles.

Additionally, Kentucky recently received a new grant to add more charging stations, which could get more people thinking about switching.

“So the upside is that you have low maintenance costs,” said Michael Minor, president of Tesla owners in Kentucky. “You’re not putting emissions into the air.”

“Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline,” said Michael Proctor, Evolve KY’s advocacy chairman. “We can drive two cents a mile. People who drive a regular car might spend 20-25 cents a mile.”

From traditional Teslas to brand new all-electric pickups, these vehicles are sure to grow in popularity.

“I think one of the things that will capture the imagination of a lot of Kentuckians is a pickup truck,” Proctor said. “And an all-electric car will get some attention, like ‘Hey, this electric car is real.'”

It’s as simple as plugging your phone into the wall to charge. And with the state recently getting funding to build more charging stations in the Commonwealth, the idea of ​​driving an electric car is getting easier.

“I think the first thing is range anxiety,” Proctor said. “The concept of ‘I can recharge somewhere on the go’ and it really makes people say, ‘Hey, I can live with the concept of switching.'”

It is hoped that with the new grant, more people can drive electric vehicles, not only in the Commonwealth, but around the world.

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