Lexington homicides hit 37, tying 2021 record

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (LEX 18) — The city of Lexington now matches last year’s record of 37 homicides. ONE Lexington director Devine Carama said the violence was heartbreaking.

“It’s heartbreaking, as I’ve been thinking, to all the families affected, because I’m responding to these homicides, I’m often at the scene, or I’m working with these families after that…. ..and just seeing mental health and the toll it takes, the grieving process is really sad, but it continues to inform our work and we’ll keep going,” Calama said.

The Lexington Police Department’s Robbery/Homicide Unit recorded the last 10 homicides from July 27 to September 25.

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The most recent homicide occurred in the 1800 block of Oxford Circle, off the Versailles Road. Police have arrested the suspect and charged him with murder.

In all but a few homicide investigations this year consequences of gun violence.

“When we think of gun violence, we usually think of young people. But we’ve actually seen a decrease in teen gun violence, but now we’re seeing domestic violence pop up and spike. We’re seeing gun violence in wealthy communities, in UK campus, legendary stadium. So, I think it’s a clear signal to the community that it’s not a community problem. It takes all of us to fix this. Not just the mayor, not the police chief, it’s not just It’s a Lexington — but how can we come together? And I think there are many ways,” Calama said.

Some of these include prevention initiatives, mentoring and support for survivors of gun violence, Carama said.

“So when we look at it this way, like it’s a public health crisis, it’s a community issue, like the way we’re dealing with a pandemic — that’s when you see us pushing the issue and really being able to Seeing some gains,” he said.

Devine Carama said helping heal communities is not just the responsibility of city leaders, it’s something everyone needs to be involved in. He said the entire community must remember the residual effects of this violence, including mental health issues and trauma.

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