Lexington County Council hears request for $58 million in recovery funding

The Lexington County Council began hearing requests in September. 27 For approximately $58 million in state and local fiscal recovery funds.

Federal funds are earmarked to support COVID-19 response efforts and make up for lost revenue for local governments. The aid is designed to support the economic stability of households and businesses.

Representatives of seven prominent community organizations in Lexington County are calling for millions of dollars in aid. County officials said they received a total of 35 applications for funding.

The final decision on the payment will be made by the Lexington County Council at a later date.

Midland Institute of Technology is seeking $4.6 million to fund a pilot program that will provide students in need with resources for further education. About 3,900 students are eligible for the program each year.

Internet, cable and TV provider Comporium is seeking $9.4 million to help provide broadband services to around 16,000 homes in the Swansea region currently without internet.

“This will give Lexington full access to broadband,” he said.

The Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Board is seeking $10 million to improve sewer infrastructure in areas that are currently in need in Lexington County. General manager Jay Nicholson said improving infrastructure was currently the council’s designated priority.

The Irmo Chapin Recreation Board is seeking additional funding to address major staffing shortages that have affected parks and recreation services for the past two years. The council is also seeking resources to meet the growing demand for after-school activities at the park.

The Irmo Fire District is seeking $1.2 million for a new firefighter training location because it says its current location on Ball Park Road in Lexington is too far away to serve local firefighters.

The nonprofit Big Red Barn is also seeking financial help to address health concerns affecting the military patrons they serve at the Blythewood retreat. The facility, with the support of Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, is designed to provide shelter and a place of peace for military members in need.

“It allows them to live the lives they need,” said Lamont Christian, director of the Warriors’ Path Project, an assistance program that provides Red Barn participants with expert companionship.

The Midland Fathers Coalition, which works to help fathers address issues that negatively impact their children, is seeking more funding to help families fight poverty to promote children’s health and well-being. Strengthening the family through father involvement is the core mission of the Alliance.

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