Lee Fentress – Executive Vice President, Business Development and Commercial

Lee Fentress is executive vice president of business development and commerce at the Los Angeles Times, focusing on revenue diversification, innovation, and creating new shows and products for subscribers. His operational assignments include identifying opportunities for growth and sustainability through innovation, strategic partnerships and acquisitions; intellectual property creation, development, syndication and licensing; and direct-to-consumer and affiliate commercial products.

Fentress originally joined the Los Angeles Times in 2017, where he led the advertising division and managed programmatic, branded entertainment, affiliate commerce, e-commerce and national sales force building, from then until The Times returned to local ownership in 2018.

Prior to the Los Angeles Times, Fentress co-founded two consumer technology startups and began his career at CBS Television and Sports Illustrated, working on cross-platform monetization and ad sales at two media companies. Fentress was born in Washington, DC and graduated from Washington and Lee University.

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