Justin Trudeau ordered to ‘shoot down’ unidentified object in Canadian airspace | World News

Justin Trudeau has ordered the “shooting down” of an “unidentified object” that “violates” Canadian airspace.

The country’s prime minister tweeted that both Canadian and U.S. planes had been disrupted.

Mr Trudeau said a US F-22 stealth fighter jet from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) “successfully fired on the target”.

It was destroyed in the mountainous and sparsely populated Yukon Territory in the country’s northwest.

Trudeau said he had spoken to President Biden and thanked NORAD for “watching North America very closely.”

“The Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the remains of the object,” the prime minister added.

The incident happened a day after the U.S. shot down a plane Unidentified objects flying in its airspace Off the coast of Alaska on the orders of Mr. Biden.

It flew at about 40,000 feet and was about the size of a small car, the White House said.

In an update Saturday night, NORAD said “there are currently no further details regarding the object, including its capabilities, purpose or origin.”

It added that “arctic weather conditions” including wind chill, snowfall and limited daylight were a “factor” in the operation.

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Days of conspiracy over mysterious ‘balloon’ flying over US airspace ends when President Biden orders it to be shot down

U.S. Navy releases photos of operation to collect debris from Chinese balloons

The discovery of the object comes days after the US shot down a Chinese balloon believed to be a spy plane.

China keeps Balloon is a scientific research airship that accidentally flies over the United States.

it is shoot down on a fighter plane Off the coast of South Carolina – The US military began collecting debris shortly after.

The incident sparked a diplomatic spat between the U.S. and China, with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken delaying Visit China It was supposed to start in a few days.

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