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Five more pages of classified-marked documents were found Thursday at the president’s Delaware home, attorneys for Joe Biden said.

White House counsel Richard Sauber said in a statement Saturday that a total of six pages of classified documents were found during a search of the president’s private library.

Previously, the White House said it had found only one page.

Mr. Thorber said he traveled to Mr. Biden’s Wilmington home on Thursday to turn over classified-marked documents found there earlier to the Justice Department.

“When I handed it over to the Justice Department official who was accompanying me, five additional pages with classification marks were found in the material, for a total of six pages,” he said in a statement. The Justice Department official who was with me immediately Possess or they.”

Mr. Sauber’s statement did not say why the White House waited two days to provide an update on the number of classified records.

Earlier this week, Biden’s legal team admitted they found classified documents related to his time as vice president in the Obama administration at his home, some in his garage.

Aides previously found another trove of classified documents at his residence and at a Washington think tank with ties to him.

Former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur, who is investigating the Obama administration’s apparent mishandling of classified documents and official records, was named special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday.

On Saturday, Sauber reiterated that the White House would cooperate with Hull’s investigation.

The findings have gradually emerged over the past week, prompting allies of the president to worry that his office will not be able to handle the growing scandal.

Officials are trying to ‘own’ the crisis — but the president himself isn’t doing well

White House officials are now doing everything they can to “manage” the crisis, but it’s too late. But will it work?

In a lengthy public statement, President Biden’s special counsel took pains to point out that the five other documents were discovered alongside a classified document found this week at the president’s Delaware residence.

We were told that the reason for the delay between the announcement of the single page discovery and the five subsequent pages was because the lawyers who found the single page did not have a security clearance, so they stopped when they found that one page.

The special counsel himself, who was cleared, then traveled to Delaware to continue the search. He found someone else.

On the face of it, this is a logical excuse, aside from the genuine scandal that the documents were discovered.

But to critics, all the details don’t matter: They say the hypocrite Biden did what he so sanctimoniously criticized Mr. Trump, never mind the stark difference between the two cases.

While some of Biden’s team tried to “own” the crisis, Biden himself and his spokesmen did not fare well.

In a series of embarrassing appearances and briefings this week, the president and his press secretary have been terrible in the face of today’s increasingly full-blown political crisis.

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What We Know About the Secret Biden Document Discovery
Special prosecutor appointed to investigate classified documents

Republicans sought to compare the investigation into Mr. Biden’s handling of classified documents to the ongoing investigation into how former President Donald Trump handled classified documents after he became president.

However, the White House said the two cases were distinct because Biden’s team cooperated with authorities in the investigation and turned over documents.

Mr. Trump refused to do so until the FBI conducted a search of his Florida home.

In cases involving the mishandling of classified information, the Justice Department has set a high legal bar before filing criminal charges, requiring someone to knowingly break the law, rather than just being careless or negligent.

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