Irmo Council delays redistricting of commercial development areas

Plans for a commercial development on a 30-acre site on Dreher Shoals Road and Farming Creek Road in Irmo were shelved on September 2. 20 Ilmo City Council holds meeting with protesters.

Several residents in communities near the site have expressed concern about the impact of more traffic in an area that already has many traffic problems.

Council voted to delay action on an ordinance that would enable development by zoning the area from an agricultural fringe to a commercial one. The committee decided to wait until the town received a new “tax map” from Richland County with detailed information.

By obtaining the map, the committee will focus on the 9 acres it seeks to develop, rather than the full 30 acres. Councilman Bill Danielson said it would reassure local residents that the entire 30-acre site would not be earmarked for office business. All remaining parcels beyond the nine acres will remain agricultural margins, a designation for rural development.

But objections are likely to continue.

Residents say traffic is an issue in the area and the town has no development plans for future growth.

“What draws people to Irmo is the elbow room,” says Lisa Jurgensen.

She expressed concern that there is no research on controlling for future growth

Another resident said she was unable to turn right and leave her community between 7-9 am and 5-6 pm. She also noted that Irmo already has vacant locations to accommodate future growth.

The commercial site will be used for storage business. Storage boxes will be provided on-site for businesses and residents in the area.The site will also have some limited retail developments.

Among other actions, the Council also approved the following Lodging Tax Fund awards: $11,988 for Lake Murray Country, $13,050 for the Irmo International Festival, $10,000 for the Irmo Okra Strut Festival and $5,000 for the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

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