Innovative earwax technology critical to consumers buying new FDA deregulated OTC hearing aids

Hearing aid popularization offers opportunity to educate patients about the importance of ear health in hearing loss

Redondo Beach, California, September 19 January 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bebird, the current leader in sales of visual ear cleaning devices, is pleased to announce the historic deregulation of the hearing aid industry.This month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that October 22, 2022consumers can avoid expensive and time-consuming medical consultations and buy hearing aids directly over the counter.

The prospect of providing safe and affordable ear care to the millions of hearing-impaired people in the United States has far-reaching implications. However, many consumers don’t realize an important aspect of getting a new hearing aid: cerumen – ie earwax.according to scientific americantoo much earwax makes about 12 million people visit health workers each year.

Without the advice of a medical professional, it is crucial to understand the effects of too much cerumen before deciding to buy hearing aids at your local pharmacy. Although generally harmless, earwax can build up in excess and cause a range of problems in the ear canal as well as the delicate parts in hearing aid devices.

Also, chronic use of anything in the ear canal tends to make earwax buildup worse. Hearing aids can exacerbate these painful blockages, and over time, hearing aids can fail completely due to excess oil and particles entering sensitive parts of the device. Therefore, most ENT physicians recommend routine ear wax removal when prescribing hearing aids. In some cases, extracting earwax alone is enough to relieve hearing loss symptoms.

“Before putting your hearing aids on, your ENT will make sure your ear canal is clean and not blocked by excess earwax. They will also usually ask for routine checks to regularly remove buildup and prevent damage to your ears or hearing aids.” said Celeste Muñoz, Product Manager, BeBird. “Our Vision Ear Cleaner can eliminate the need for frequent visits, putting your health back in your hands.”

Whether cerumen buildup is the root cause of hearing problems, or consumers simply want to maintain good hygiene while using hearing aids, the need for affordable ear cleaning solutions is paramount. In response to the rapidly evolving hygiene industry, Bebird provides safe and effective ear cleaning equipment to those in need. With the ability to self-check and treat cerumen buildup at home, Bebird makes using OTC hearing aids safer and requires minimal doctor visits.

Bebird Ear Cleaners are available at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Best Buy and more convenient retailers.

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