Hastings students ready to start their own coffee business

HASTINGS, Nebraska (KSNB) – Carli Russell is busy, very busy in fact.

A Hastings College business major who also oversees the Broncos’ on-field football operations, she’s ready to add entrepreneurs to the roster.

Russell, who is originally from Lubbock, Texas, said coffee was something she fell in love with since high school. When a professor suggested she submit a class project on the mobile coffee business to Big Idea Hastings College, she took action.

She went on to win competitions and Howdy Mae’s coffee began to take shape. Russell, who is preparing to open in March, said that despite the added pressure of new responsibilities, she is excited about what it means for her future.

“I love it so I’m happy to start at such a young age. I think because from here I can go up and it’s nice to know that when I graduate my career has already started so I don’t have to worry about ‘oh no, What do I do now’,” Russell said.

Emma Enochs, who helped organize Hastings College’s Big Ideas event, told Local4 News that Russell’s story was just a glimpse into what the event was about .

“Big Idea HC is a platform where people can voice their opinions about their college experience, like if they are not satisfied or what ideas they have to make the campus better and make these four years the most memorable time for them,” Enochs said. “That’s why we hold this event every year.”

Russell will serve coffee flavors inspired by her past. She said she lived in New Mexico for 12 years before moving to Texas and wanted to show that side of her life through her business.

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