Full Midterm Election News and Polls


Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes expressed optimism the day before the election.

“Every election I’ve been in has been a loser, so this time was no exception,” Barnes, now the Wisconsin lieutenant governor, told reporters at a campaign canvas briefing in the Milwaukee suburb of Glendale.

Barnes is neck and neck with the incumbent senator. Ron Johnson slammed his Republican opponent, pointing out that Johnson’s campaign ads had turned very negative in the final days of the midterm elections.

“The reality is these ads aren’t talking about what a great job Ron Johnson has done because, you know, it’s too much of a lie for them,” Barnes said. “The reality is he has left us behind – he has no record and no campaign.”

He touted the hard work his campaign had done in the final stages. “I can honestly say we’ve done everything we can and what’s most exciting and inspiring is what other people have done – it’s been a grassroots movement from the beginning, grassroots is the core – grassroots The amount of support we’re seeing has never happened before in this state,” he told CNN.

“We’ve been spent by outside groups, this is the most expensive Senate race in Wisconsin history, but I can assure you, we’re not overworked. We’re going to leave no stone unturned for the next 35 hours or so, full oil, Not braking,” he added.

He sought to downplay the anxiety of Democratic voters, who are feeling anxious as polls show Democrats are on track to lose both houses of Congress on Tuesday. He urged those frustrated with the polls to show up and vote. “If you’re so frustrated, bring three more people to vote.”

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