Five teams advance to final round of Baker Business Bowl IX

Photo: Clayton Tovo prepares for the Patriots goalie.

On Thursday, November 11, 11 teams competed in the semifinals of Baker’s Business Bowl IX. 3. Business ideas include hockey gear, bait casters, delivery drones, etc. In the end, only five teams advanced to the finals.

This elevator pitch round consists of a five-minute wrap-up for each team, who have the opportunity to explain their business idea to a panel of business experts, followed by a ten-minute question-and-answer segment with the judges.

In its 9th year, Baker Business Bowl is a program for emerging entrepreneurs who have an idea for a new product or service and are motivated to turn that idea into a business. The program is open to cadets, evening undergraduate and graduate students.

Now, the five teams will continue to compete in the final round. They include:

Breakingchains/Worthy Living Co.

This company is a personalized life and responsibility coaching service that specializes in providing nutritional support through meal kits to promote weight loss. Their goal is to grow the business into a more fitness and motivation-focused program.


The team’s goal is to help eliminate food deserts through a microgreen, aquaponics, vertical farm franchise system. This will be done by working with homeowners to use the space in their home to install these aquaponics systems.

nation shaper

The team wanted to develop a solar-powered self-driving lawn mower. The team, made up of mechanical engineer professionals, aimed to develop a more cost-effective version that utilizes solar cells and a boundary system.

patriots goalie

The company wanted to create quality handcrafted hockey equipment specifically for junior goalies. Youth hockey is an evolving sport, and since kids quickly get out of their gear, the company aims to reduce the cost of replacing goalie gear by making sizable pad inserts.

Horizontal performance

The Sideways Performance team aims to improve the performance and efficiency of any vehicle by replacing old motors with fuel-injected LS motors. This will save the owner money by improving the gas mileage of the old car as well as improving its reliability and power.

The other teams participating in the second round were: AROS Technologies’ Infinity Ring, Jet Boat Nozzle, What I Got, EM Bait-caster, Whirlwind Bait Caster and Sigma Drone Corp.

Tommy and Victoria Baker Business School would like to thank the judges for:

  • Jessica Taylor Goyak
  • James Wigfall
  • Peter Wilder
  • Bobby Hudson
  • Patrick Conti
  • gene king
  • Stephen Evans
  • Joseph Berger

The final round of Baker Business Bowl XI will feature a professional business plan presentation in front of a panel of judges. This will include marketing, pricing and production strategies, financial forecasts and other details. The final round will take place next semester and the finalists will present their full business plans to a panel of judges. The winning team will receive $10,000 to start their business, while the second-placed team will receive $5,000.

This event was made possible through generous donations from the Citadel Class of 1989, Jeff Cobb and Dan D. Nale, PE, ’82. To learn more about the program and the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business, click here.

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