Executive MBA Student Shows His Global Vision as a Latino Business Person | Michigan State University Today

MSU and the Broad School of Business are home to students from all over the world who bring their unique backgrounds — but they don’t all travel with the same frequency. Passionate about being a Spartan, Frank Cano Aristondo travels from Peru to East Lansing every month for an EMBA program.

Cano has over a decade of experience in supply chain management and project management. He completed an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in supply chain management in Peru and abroad, as well as in Spain. Working in 10 countries in Latin America, his long-term career goal is to become a regional manager for a top multinational company with a supply chain as a competitive advantage.

Previously, he had focused on improving his technical knowledge, but he recognized that an EMBA would put him on the path to becoming a regional manager, equipping him with the skills to move his career from supply chain to general management. Cano believes MSU will be where he makes this transition and becomes the first student from Peru to enroll in the EMBA program through the Flex option.

Cano discusses his passion for MSU and the value of having diverse experience and a global perspective in business at broad.msu.edu.

MSU recognizes National Hispanic Heritage Month, and our community is coming together to strengthen resources, programs, research centers, and scholarships to serve MSU’s Hispanic and Latino students. Learn more at giveto.msu.edu.

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