Exclusive: Cllix taps tech to address labor shortages

Cllix Apartments and Hotels (formerly Arise) aims to “reimagine hospitality” through innovation, technology and customer service designed to appeal to the savvy modern traveler.

Following a recent name change, Queensland-based Song Properties-owned Cllix plans to expand its reach and bring technology to the forefront of customer experience.

Michael Song, CEO of Song Properties and Cllix Apartments and Hotels, and HM On expansion plans and how he plans to use technology to deal with labor shortages.

Why do you think apartment hotels have become so popular in recent years?

The aparthotel offers travelers more convenience. Business travelers can use the apartment for meetings, and families enjoy using the kitchen and laundry facilities for longer stays. I think the size – compared to the size of a hotel room – is a big advantage.

Business travelers are an important part of our business – it accounts for nearly 60% of our bookings. Group travel is paying off – we’re sure to see a surge in demand. We are working hard to create every possible opportunity in the enterprise market.

Technology is a major aspect of Cllix products. Can you share how you will use technology in your property?

Technology is critical for the industry to deal with labor shortages; otherwise consumers will see prices for hotel rooms keep going up, with some rooms being closed for not having enough detergent or enough sheets.

We are trying to introduce technological innovations across all of our operations, including keyless check-in, guest communication, internal management with stakeholders, and managing the housekeeping team. We also want to change the door locks to smart locks so that guests can check in using their mobile phones. Currently we are deploying a lot of things.

How well have guests embraced the technology so far?

It’s been slow, but we’re making progress every day. We’re creating incentives to encourage people to use our technology – for example, we’re creating incentive programs for people who use keyless check-in. It’s not 100%, but we’re heading in the direction we want.

Cllix properties are primarily located in Victoria and Queensland. Do you have plans to expand to other states?

We are currently looking to expand into NSW and Canberra. We want to get some properties in Sydney and eventually all the big cities – we are currently in talks with developers in Canberra.

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