Donald Trump’s bid to ‘failed wake extremist’ Nicola Sturgeon after resignation ‘good to get rid of’ Politico

Former US President Donald Trump has offered “great news” to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon after she announced her resignation.

refer to Ms. Sturgeon A “failed awakened extremist”, he also accused the outgoing SNP leader of outwitting him over his Scottish golf courses.

Criticizing her government’s controversial gender reforms, which have sparked a big debate in recent weeks, Mr Trump insisted the people of Scotland were “better off” without Ms Sturgeon in the top job.

“Farewell to woke Scottish extremist Nicola Sturgeon!” he said in a statement.

“This crazy left symbolizes everything wrong with identity politics.

“Sturgeon thinks it’s okay to put a biological man in a women’s prison, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Sturgeon has also campaigned for a ‘gender recognition reform bill’ that would allow 16-year-olds to change gender without medical advice.

“I built the greatest golf course in the world in Scotland but she fought me all the way and made my job that much harder.

“The fine people of Scotland would be better off without Sturgeon in office!”

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SNP leaders make shock resignation At a press conference at Bute House, her official residence in Edinburgh.

The 52-year-old said it was “the best job in the world” that “supported and inspired me in the good times and the hardest of my toughest days”.

But Ms Sturgeon said she believed “good service almost instinctively knows when it’s time” to step down, adding: “In my head and heart I know now is the time, and that’s for me Right and my party and country.”

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‘Sturgeons make Scotland a better place’

The longest-serving first female prime minister has insisted her decision was not due to “short-term pressures” such as ongoing divisions in her party over transgender rights.

A senior Labor source said her decision showed the independence movement was “over” and that “after 15 years of defeat, the SNP has nowhere to go”.

Ms Sturgeon has faced some thorny issues in recent months, including divisions within the party over her approach to transgender rights and her bill on gender recognition.

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Sturgeon: What’s next for independence?

Despite legislation being passed at Holyrood – meaning people can legally change their gender in Scotland without a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria – the bill then blocked at westminsterwhich ministers claim will have a “significant impact” on equality.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry, who has long been critical of Ms Sturgeon’s approach to transgender issues, called for “reform and a cure” in light of the first minister’s departure.

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