Deputy hit but avoids injury in Westport area business incident – ​​WRBI Radio

Westport, Indiana — A Jennings County man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a Decatur County sheriff’s deputy at a gun store near Westport.

Deputies responded to 13,000 blocks of State Highway 3 near the Decatur-Jennings County Line after reports of a man trespassing and refusing to leave the business, Sheriff David Durant said.

He added that deputies who arrived at the scene found Joshua Michael Gallagher, 23, of Scipio, who was unable to follow their instructions.

When medics arrived, Gallagher became aggressive and attacked an uninjured deputy, Durant said.

Gallagher was arrested and charged with assaulting a public safety officer on duty and trespassing.

Investigators say Gallagher is suspected of using the substance.

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