Chamber wants strong business agenda in 2023 legislative session

Miss Biloxi (WLOX) – Members of the Mississippi Coast Chamber of Commerce got a preview of the legislative session from three state senators on Friday.

Now is not the time for speeches. Instead, it’s time to ask questions.

Coast Senators Jeremy England, Scott DeLano and Mike Thompson didn’t answer their questions too much, but the opportunity to start an early discussion with a blank slate was invaluable, a way for lawmakers to speak before the law was enacted Opportunity for opinion.

Those on the business side welcome the chance to exert a little influence.

“It’s really a hot topic so we can figure out how we want to be part of this conversation and, of course, understand these topics,” said Adele Lyons, CEO of the Mississippi Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Lawmakers want to have that conversation, too.

“Look, I think it’s always a good idea for us to get out of their way,” England said. “We’ve got some really good leaders. We’ve been lucky to have great business leaders on the coast.”

Business priorities are becoming their priorities.

“One of my top priorities at this conference — as it has been for the last few years — is workforce development,” England added. “I want to make sure we’re talking to our community colleges and helping them in any way we can .”

Thompson pointed to a major problem.

“Infrastructure comes first. 1 thing,” he said. “It’s one thing when you’re talking to economic development leaders, business leaders. … Roads, bridges … just make room for business growth.”

DeLano is excited about the additional funding that will be available in 2023.

“Additional ARPA funding will come down. We have a lot of infrastructure funding coming,” he said. “So it’s going to be a lot of cleanup, and we’re going to give back the surplus of over $1 billion to the community in a number of ways.”

The 2023 Mississippi legislative session is scheduled to begin in January. 3 and ends April 3.

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