Business School Announces 2022 Early Career Achievement Award Winners – News

The Illinois State University College of Business (COB) will host an Early Career Achievement Awards ceremony during Homecoming 2022. The Early Career Achievement Award (ECAA) recognizes those who demonstrate innovative and responsible professional leadership, outstanding future potential, and a commitment to serving others. One winner is selected from each degree program.

This year, 18 winners representing different sectors across the COB will be in attendance to receive their awards. These recipients return to campus to accept their awards and share recommendations with current students through panel discussions during Illinois’ Homecoming festivities.

Early Career Achievement Award recipients must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Graduated from one of the business school programs.
  • Exemplary professional competencies demonstrated through entrepreneurial success, rapid advancement, industry recognition, or innovative practice leading to measurable outcomes.
  • Demonstrate innovative and responsible professional leadership and the potential for long-term excellence.
  • Embody the five core principles of Responsibility, Honesty, Respect, Fairness and Trust outlined in the Business Standards Institute for Professional Conduct and Ethical Conduct.
  • Demonstrate substantial commitment to service to others.
  • Continue his or her professional growth through an educational or professional certificate.

2022 Early Career Achievement Award recipients

  • Jhoanna astudillo ’07, Marketing and International Business
  • Richard “RJ” Barnes ’14, Marketing
  • Jerrod Campbell ’14, MS ’16, Marketing—Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Erin Dullard ’13, Insurance
  • Jon Goldscher ’13, BS/MPA
  • Chris Halloran ’12, BS/MPA
  • Frannie Heine ’09, Human Resources, Minor in International Business
  • Matthew Hornback ’05, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Tyler Kirby ’07, Marketing and Business Administration
  • Kevin Martin ’09, Business Education
  • Warren McCarty ’09, Business Administration
  • Renee Nelson ’13, Marketing—Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Ben Irwin ’15, Business Education
  • Luke Pever ’13, Accounting
  • Riley Phipps ’18, Business Information Systems
  • JD Schurter ’11, MBA ’17, Finance, Accounting and MBA (CMBA Program)
  • Jonathan Strok ’11, Finance and Financial Accounting
  • Kelly Taber ’14, BS/MPA

Early Career Achievement Awards will be presented at a public reception in the Caterpillar Auditorium during Homecoming 2022 at State Farm Hall of Business on Friday, October 14, 2022, from 3:15–4:30 pm. Please invite family, friends, former faculty and colleagues to join us and help celebrate your success. A brief reception was held immediately after the brief introduction to celebrate their early career success.

Below is a brief profile of the 2022 Early Career Achievement Award (ECAA) recipients.

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