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COLUMBIA — The city is bustling, but sometimes that can be a problem for local business owners, at least according to Amanda Bowker.

Bowker, co-owner of Pewter Peddler on Main Street, raised her concerns to council last week.

Bowker said the city should pay more attention to street closures on Main Street and would like to see a community calendar in place so events don’t stack up too often.

For example, this past weekend alone, Columbia University hosted the Dying Breeds Diesels truck show, a craft beer festival to raise money for Firestone Park, Columbia Fire Department Safety Day and Christmas in the Woods.

“While these events bring in more business for some shop owners, it’s not always the case for most shop owners,” he said. she says.

she pointed out “Not well planned” Or two different events in the city this year that just cost her store “A few thousand dollars.”

Those events were the Chalk Art Festival earlier this year and the Truck Show last weekend, which is usually good for her business since it’s the same weekend as Woods’ Christmas.

“I’ve spoken to many shop owners and while they were frustrated, no one was interested in attending the meeting. Disappointing,” she says. “Personally, I’ve gotten to the point where it’s unbearable. I believe in our town, I believe in our leadership. I’m not sure how we’re going to solve the problem at hand.”

Bowker added that she has repeatedly asked to adjust the start time of the chamber’s first Friday event due to low foot traffic.

“This will allow the store to complete the normal work day without interruption,” she says.

She suggested possibly using Sundays and using Firestone Park for events to avoid prolonged street closures.

“I’m not talking about canceling the event, but making some adjustments,” he said. she says.

Committee members listened to her concerns and encouraged her to get feedback on the community calendar from businesses.

Bowker said she believes most people will be on the calendar.

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