Brown’s Shoes after 57 years to close

Owners Jeff and Patty Brown have announced plans to retire in 2023 due to age, health, staffing and supply chain issues.

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio – After 57 years in business and 32 years of current ownership, Jeff and Patty Brown have announced plans to retire and close the Brown Shoe Company.

“I started washing windows when I was 12. I started selling shoes when I was 16. I’m 67 now,” said Jeff Brown.

Jeff’s parents opened the store in 1964. He bought the store before his father died in 1990.

“It’s time to take the money off the table and enjoy the rest of our lives,” he said.

Seated Shoe Store is a one-of-a-kind shoe store in central Ohio. Jeff said he’s seen similar stores like Easton Shoes shut down as shopping moves from in-store to online.

“Unfortunately, the products and services we offer are a dying breed. It requires too much capital, too much labor, and has too little return on investment. As a result, most new businesses are not interested in this market segment, Jeff said.

Brown’s Shoes is a local favorite and has been providing the perfect fit for nearly 6 years. The store is primarily aimed at seniors and other individuals who need orthopedic shoes. It provides shoes for multiple generations, with brands including SAS, Clarks and New Balance.

“We’ve got people here with lymphedema, we’ve had people with strokes, etc. So when you have a person coming in, you can help them so they can walk, that’s the day,” Patty said.

The good news is that the shoes will go on sale when stores close at the end of the year. While special orders remain full price, in-stock items are discounted. They plan to sell everything before closing.

“Due to our age, health, staffing and supply chain issues, now is the time to close this chapter of our lives and enter full-time retirement,” the retirement sales ad reads.

As for what comes next, Patty said they plan to spend more time traveling and visiting family.

“We love it. But now is the time for us to move on and retire,” she said. “It would be nice to travel. We kind of want to travel to America and see some of the country’s work and stuff like that.”

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