British Airways apologizes after flight out of US delayed by ‘technical issues’ | UK news

British Airways has apologized to customers after it experienced “technical issues with our third-party flight planning provider” that delayed flights from the US.

British Airways said in a statement: “Our flight due to depart the US tonight has been delayed due to a technical issue with a third-party flight plan provider which we are urgently investigating.

“We apologize for any disruption this will cause to our customers’ plans and our aim is to get these flights flying as quickly as possible.”

Some customers said they were delayed for hours.

“All the fun and games at JFK,” one tweeted. “All British Airways flights were grounded due to an error in their flight mapping system and we now have multiple alerts on departure.”

Another said: “The captain of our British Airways flight just said their flight computers were down for two hours worldwide and there were no British Airways planes to submit a flight plan to? Seems less than ideal.”

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