Archer Extended Technology Platform

Now includes OTC intelligence and Excel add-ins for all property types

San Francisco, October 4 April 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Archer, the AI-powered real estate technology platform, announced today that its enhanced platform is expanding beyond multifamily tools: users can now conduct market research on all major commercial property types, including multifamily, retail, Industrial, office and hotel.

“We love using Archer’s multifamily platform, but adding other types of properties would be a game changer,” he said. Kevin Frills In Midway, Archer’s client. “Archer makes us smarter and more efficient when it comes to selecting markets and finding the best investments in those markets.”

In addition to including all property types, the expanded platform also includes transaction-specific data and analytics. Users can now leverage Archer’s proprietary seller intelligence to identify properties that may be listed.

Archer’s back-testing showed a 44% improvement in the ability to use seller propensity markers to identify properties that might sell in the next year. Beta customers were able to successfully use this seller intelligence for proactive exploration – Archer sent over 600 LOIs and BOVs on their behalf within 4 months.

“With Archer’s updated platform, proactively finding OTC deals is easier than ever,” said Cameron Pringle or estate development. “Using Archer’s data and AI to find properties that may be selling soon has given me a huge competitive advantage.”

The platform ranks attributes based on how well they match specific user policies. This enables Archer’s clients to sift through transactions and find on-market and off-market properties they want to pursue quickly and efficiently.

Once they’ve identified a property they’re interested in, users can leverage Archer’s property-level analytics to make informed investment decisions. They can view curated financial, sales and rental compensation and provide comprehensive coverage for the property with one click.

Archer’s one-click underwriting saves clients a lot of time when screening new deals. Many of Archer’s customers rely on Archer’s proprietary model for underwriting. For customers who prefer to use their own models, Archer has introduced an excel add-in that allows them to easily include Archer’s data and analysis in their models. Archer also provides API solutions for customers looking for deeper integration.

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