‘America needs superheroes’: Donald Trump teases Truth Social’s big announcement | US News

Donald Trump has made a major new announcement on his website, Truth Social.

In a 15-second video, the former president told his followers that “America needs a superhero,” before sharing a cartoon of him posing in a superman pose outside Trump Tower.

The animation shows the 76-year-old tearing open his shirt to reveal a superhero costume, six-pack abs and lasers shooting from his eyes.

After the clip and cartoon, a sign appeared that read “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15.”

last month Mr Trump announced his intention to run for the presidency again in 2024, but so far there have been no further clues as to what the teased announcement might be.

There has been speculation about what it might be, and hints that he may be about to reveal his running mate or return to his former favorite social media platform, Twitter, after his account is restored. Elon Musk’s take over.

Truth Social was launched last year after Trump was ousted from Twitter following his Jan. 6, 2020, attack on the Capitol.

Mr Trump, who has previously shared pop culture-related memes heralding sanctions on Iran, tweeted a Game of Thrones-style image of himself, as well as a fan-made In the video, he himself dubbed the music from the Batman movie “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”.

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Trump has officially launched his third US presidential campaign

The former president is struggling to win support after midterm elections that disappointed many of his supporters, in which several high-profile candidates he backed failed to win.

his office It also found itself in trouble after being held in contempt for failing to comply with a subpoena.

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In addition to these headaches, Mr. Trump’s real estate firm recently Convicted of carrying out a criminal scheme Defrauded tax authorities over the past 15 years, although Trump himself has not been charged in the case.

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